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The Many Faces of Man

  Our species, Homo sapiens, is the last hominin standing.  Until recently the prevailing theory of how we became the last surviving hominin is that modern man evolved in Eastern Africa in a relatively small population that was isolated by geographical elements like mountain ranges or rivers.  This isolation let various gene mutations work through the process of natural selection to evolve the hominin line to modern man and then at some point we spread out and took over the entire world replacing the other living hominin species.  The time frame for most of adherents to this ‘Out of Africa’ theory is about 70,000 years ago. Something like that.  Some say about 120,000 years ago or so there was a migration wave out of Africa but it was a much smaller one and those migrants most likely died out or were inconsequential. Multiregional and Assimilation Theories However, there are now competing theories and it appears the Out of Africa theory is going to go by the wayside.  New discoveries

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